I am a new years resolution person. Every year I tell myself im gonna draw a drawing every day…in colour. I’m far better with a pencil and also I’m rather sucky at drawing fabric which is pretty bad if you aspire to be an amazing costume designer.

There’s alot of online tutorials on drawing fabric that gives you little hints, though alot of them has the kind of annoying plain 80s fashiony looking illustration style. I’ve been watching 100s of timelapse films of people drawing and its so much more helpful than all the crappy tutorial books as you can actually see the layering process… my favourite so far is this channel. I love how she mix coloured pencil and markers so well.

Enough whaffle… a 15 minute sketch of a silk dressing gown. not there yet but practicing. weheyyy!

2 years ago on 01/16/12 at 02:53pm
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