I designed the costumes for Tatler and Christies Art Ball that happened last Thursday. The event was a production from up and coming events and cosultancy company Immersive Cult.

These are some shots featured on Tatlers Bystander blog of some of the Christies staff I styled for the occation. From the top Robert Sheffield, Francesco Pastori, Ben Clarke, Kate Reardon (editor of Tatler) , Steven Murphy (CEO of Christies).  The bar staff I dressed as an army of magrittes!

Massive thanks to always wonderful, amazing Team Costume  Charlotte Rose Brazier, Charlotte Young, Martina Trottman, Ugne Dainute, Gabriella Jorge, Penny Sanford and Anna Lewis!

More pictures of artworks, actors and action coming soon…

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I did the costumes for The Sunshines Underground’s “Finally we arrive” music video that was released today. Loving Davids work as always and such a pleasure to work with a great track. Its been stuck in my head for the last couple of weeks!

Director: Dave Aspinall. Producer: Giedre Apanaviciute. Director of Photography: Dave Aspinall. Wardrobe: Annike Flo. Hair: Heather B Thompson. Make-up: Heather B ThompsonEditor: Dave Aspinall. 2nd Unit DoP: James Hughes.    Also mentioned in the Huffington post

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I’m so massively behind on shows I’ve worked on this year…Some pics from Future Cinemas Roger Rabbit at the Troxy in February. I assisted designer duo Susan Kulkarni and Martina Trottman


The Future Cinema Valentines special this year was ‘Who framed Roger Rabbit’ - A great project for us which involved a lot of fun costume making; see above Jessica Rabbit in all her sparking glory and the Weasel pack in their signature looks.

Designed and supervised by Martina Trottmann and Susan Kulkarni

Photo: Model and dancer Olivia Buckle (http://www.hausofprojects.com) in Wandering Wardrobe , photo by Juan Gil Rodriguez————————————————————————————————————————— I’ve finished alot of my personal projects this month, one of them being the fashion day at the InHouse festival in Manor House together with Charlotte Rose where we did a catwalk show. We’ve started up a small costume hire and studio under the name of Wandering Wardrobe so check out our tumblr and FB. More to come soon on this front, we’re slowly buildig our little costume empire…
Excited about photos from Al Overdrive ( http://www.al-overdrive.com) coming soon!Wandering Wardrobetumblr http://www.tumblr.com/blog/wandering-wardrobeFB: https://www.facebook.com/WanderingWardrobe

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A few portraits of the Musketeers we dressed for a showcase event in February. A whirlwind few days seeing half of us up to Liverpool and back just in time for the next show.

- Photos by Patch Dolan  < Click for more!

Designed and supervised by: Martina Trottmann & Susan Kulkarni

Styled by: Annike Flo, Charlotte Young, Jo Mosley, Anna Lewis & Sarah Mercade

Re blogging from our costume team blog… Some wonderful photos of the musketeer show we did for FC/BBC worldwide last month

Dresscode illustrations I did for a private party at a London membersclub last year.

4 months ago on 04/01/14 at 03:56pm

Just finished work at The Grand Budapest Hotel by Secret Cinema! The production runs until end of May and allows you to see the film before it hits the rest of the cinemas next week…

Such a pleasure to work on something so colourful and visual!

Photo from the Evening Standard Review

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Last episode of Channel 4’s Big Ballet is up on 4OD and team costume makes an appearance for a whole of 5 seconds!;)

All images from channel 4

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Bug dress detail from interzone

5 months ago on 02/16/14 at 11:53am

Big Ballet - 4oD ›

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